Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day #2... What have you done today to earn this?

This picture showed in my Facebook updates today from one of my favorites after my AM workout, before I headed off to work. I gave a lot of thought to this photo and the question it was asking.
What had I done already at 8:30AM to earn this... and my goals?
Well, I started at the gym at 5:30AM and I had eaten one clean meal for the day. Great start... then I hit work.
This question followed me around all day, especially when one of our vendors brought in St. Patrick's Day cookies. They were sugar cookies with sugary royal icing.
This question kept that cookie out of  my mouth. In order to get what I want I have to earn it.
We work hard for promotions at work, we work hard for good grades, why when it comes to a great body and reaching our goals so we slack?
I think we sometimes forget how we get to where we want to go when it comes to working out.
We need to earn it... earn it with a clean diet, by deciding to not eat the sugary, fattening foods put in front of us, and earn it by showing up at the gym and working HARD!
Like people say, "GO HARD OR GO HOME!"...
Are we really "going hard" or are we just going and should go home?  
Are we really doing things to earn our goals or are we just waiting for it to fall in our lap.

I have to say, this picture really motivated me to be on my best behavior today.
I saved it to my phone, but I think I will have it printed and utilize it's message daily.

What can you pass up each day to help you EARN your goals?
What are your goals... have you ever written them down... or put them in a place you see every single day? Questions I will ponder myself!

Day #2 is almost complete and I am excited to tackle day #3.
Thanks for reading!


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