Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Where's Your M

Where's your mind? No... Where is your motivation? Where does it come from? Is it a dream.. is it other people? Tell me... I would love to know where you all find your motivation.
Some people find motivation in setting a goal and accomplishing that goal. Setting a goal weight, a goal date, or even a goal of eating better.
Some people find motivation in quotes... funny sayings... or books to read. I do love to read motivating articles in my Oxygen Magazine. There are tons of motivation books out there.

My main motivation comes from others... strangers in fact. I love a great, motivating blogger or a motivating person on Twitter or Instagram. I am also motivated by my followers. If I set a goal with you all I feel obligated to accomplish it.

There are tons of people on Twitter that I find motivating, but what I have been loving lately is Instagram (@annar31). I think it is the continuous stream of photos that keep me motivated (thinking out loud). I follow people that post progress pictures, clean eats, fun fitness products, and even those that are preparing for competitions. I love it!

I usually check my phone in the morning in order to get myself out of bed. It really is motivating when someone on the East Coast has been up for two hours and has posted a picture of their workout they completed! =)

I have been thinking about competing for a very, very long time. I have never had the courage to start... mainly because I am afraid of what it entails. I am sure there is a fear of failure or no support, also.

While I am still thinking about that... What motivates you? Not even your fitness goals, but maybe what motivates you at work... school... or home. Where does your drive come from and your confidence to do things you wouldn't normally do come from?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Good Morning, Monday!

Another Marvelous In My Monday with the Healthy Diva, Katie at your service. I have missed a few of these lately with how busy things have been at home and work. There is so much to post about since I have been M.I.A. these past few weeks. Let's begin...

My first Marvelous is that I have decided to keep a new work out split. Tosca Reno wrote an article recently (to be honest I'm not sure where I read it) and posted that Robert Kennedy had a training rule...
Two days on... one day off...
I have decided to try my hand at the two days work... one day rest training tactic. I have also been incorporating more drop sets in to my workouts. Surprisingly, despite what others think... I don't look like incredible Hulk. =) There is your proof that lifting weights (ladies) does not make you bulk up... I promise!!
Camping neat Santa Barbara was MARVELOUS last week. Our camp sight was just a short walk to the beach and I of course loved 'lots of S'MORES!! It was good to get away and spend some time away from work and time with Nick. I ADORE him!!!

While we were on vacation 10 of my tanks came from High Wired Clothing! =) I am loving the racer back tanks too. I wore my first one to the gym yesterday and it was SUPER comfortable. I would suggest buying one size up, but that;s just me... I don't like my things too snug.
There you have it... a little bit of MARVELOUS from my Monday! I usually take Monday off from the gym, but I went given my new training split. I have to say... I feel MARVELOUS in the morning when I get up and go to the gym before work. It really does get my day started on the right foot!

Have a great Monday FIT FRIENDS!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Well Hello

Well hello there my fit friends!
It has been a very short, but very busy week.
I hit VACATION LANE on Saturday and returned back to REALITY ROAD on Thursday. I am still catching up!
I owe you all an grand announcement though... the winner to the Chobani giveaway!
Have ya'll met Danielle at It's a Harleyyy Life? Miss Danielle is the winner of a case of Chobani Greek Yogurt! Danielle email me your information! =)
Did you enter, but did not win?! Have no fear... another giveaway is near. Stay tuned because I already have another giveaway up my sleeve.
I have some homework to catch up on and then I will be back to recap my vacation weekend and my new workout plan! =)
Practice makes perfect.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Word on the Street...

I am so pleased with the entries for the Chobani Giveaway and I cannot wait for more.
I originally posted that I would be choosing a winner Sunday and announcing on Monday.
Well, I will be on vacation (which I completely forgot about) and will be unable to choose a winner and announce until Thursday of next week (8/23).
Good thing on this is, it leaves more time for more entries... bad news is, we will have to wait a little bit longer for a winner.
Sorry, guys!
I will be headed out for camping a little later today and will be away from my blog.
I will be updating my Twitter and Instagram (@annar31) daily.
If you have entered for the Chobani Giveaway you are already following these.
If you haven't entered yet and wish to enter... you will be following me also! =)

Thank you for all of your support!
I look forward to 'lots of winners to choose from!!

Monday, August 13, 2012


Some of you have been waiting for this announcement!
My giveaway announcement is here and I am super stoked to offer this prize to my winners!
How does a case of Chobani sound?!?!?
One of my favorite foods is Chobani Greek Yogurt. I recently had the privilege of having Chobani sending me a case of their yummy Greek Yogurt.

Now, it is your turn.
Curious how to enter for a case of CHOBANI? Well it is simple...

1.) Follow Chobani on Instagram @chobani (comment below)
2.) Follow me on Instagram @annar31 (comment below)
3.) Copy and paste the following on your Twitter account:

"I just entered to win a case of @chobani at @fit_insideout! Are you #fitfromtheinsideout?! #chobanitime "

Don't forget to follow me on Twitter and follow Chobani on Twitter!

I love you all and look forward to lots of entries to place in the hat for a winner! =)
I will be choosing a winner on Sunday, August 19th. I will announce the winner on Monday for you all! Get your name in!!! Don't forget, you must complete all steps to enter. If you don't have Instagram you may follow both me and Chobani on Twitter (links above)!

Ready... Set... CHOBANI TIME!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Marvelous in My Monday

Hello there! Happy Monday!!
It is time for Marvelous in My Monday as hosted by Katie at The Healthy Diva! I announced the other day that I would be having a giveaway announcement shortly and well... you will have to stay tuned just a tad bit longer ;-) I promise it is well worth it and super easy to enter. Stay tuned.

Marvelous... always my Starbucks iced green tea! Also, I gave the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips a shot. I love them. I got some leopard strips for my camping trip next week. I used the pink glitter with skulls and cross bones this weekend. I love them. They are super easy to apply also.
A not so Marvelous. I posted this picture on Instagram (@annar31) for the Fitmixer Photo a Day August challenge... This is my workout location. I have to say, I used to LOVE La Fitness, but I can't say the same anymore. I have been on the hunt for a gym with better customer service and a friendly staff.

A relaxing Sunday. Nick had the evening off and we enjoyed the closing ceremonies of the Olympics with a drink... or two! =) I love this Angry Orchard Apple Cider. They have it at Target too... which is convenient. I know some of you will love that it is gluten free also.
This picture is of my MARVELOUS carbs! Yes, carbs!! I will be starting my carb cycle today and I am so excited. I am mainly looking forward to the results just before our camping trip. I will carb cycle with one day high carb, two days low, one high, and two low. I will take a before and after picture for you all to show the effectiveness.
Have you ever done a carb cycle? Were you happy with the results?

I hope you all have a Marvelous Monday! I will see you shortly for my GIVEAWAY post!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

I Can See It...

I can see it... a giveaway in the near future! =)
Are you excited? I am!! I will be announcing my next giveaway within the next couple days. For a bonus entry comment below and let me know you will be standing by for the announcement! I love giveaways! I love giving away products I love!
We have a busy week ahead of us wit ha vacation beginning Saturday! I have been counting down for weeks. We are going camping!!!
We went to a Toby Keith concert last night! It was such a great concert!
I have to share with you all some of my favorite chicken. I take chicken tenders and use a Ziploc steamer bag to cook them. I put paprika and garlic powder in the steamer bag with the chicken before cooking. I use Frank's Red Hot Wing sauce (I measure one serving) and put it on the cooked chicken tenders. I use microwaveable brown rice (I use Costco brand, but I have seen it at Target in pouches near the rice) and there you have it... my favorite quick meal.
I really could eat wing sauce on everything, but the sodium in it is a little high.

I will be back shortly to share with you the details on my next giveaway. Until then, visit me on Twitter or Instagram (@annar31).

Don't forget... there is a bonus entry for commenting below! I love all of my regular readers! =)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Marvelous...So Marvelous!

Happy Marvelous in My Monday!!!!
If you are new... welcome to Marvelous in My Monday. The blogging event is hosted by Katie at Healthy Diva Eats.
Here is my MARVELOUS this week!!
Yes, I managed to find more at Hobby Lobby. I must say I am addicted to themes and Holidays are not exception. Last year I had a turquoise and brown tree (photo below). This year I am going to go with a deep purple and burnt orange color with leopard. I am hoping it comes out as good as I picture it in my head. I found some other fall and Halloween goodies too!
It was gorgeous in person... if I say so myself!!
Marilyn Monroe movies were on Turner Classic Movie Channel this Saturday. I had to record some and haven't gotten to them yet! Marilyn is simply MARVELOUS! =)

I made my Starbucks tumbler a pink glittery cup!! I am on the hunt for another tumbler like this one. It is the kind that you can write inside with a dry erase marker. I have some purple glitter I want to put to good use! Glitter and pink make EVERYTHING MARVELOUS!!

Hello Kitty frozen yogurt!! Yes... I kept my spoon AND my cousin's spoon. I got to spend some time with my baby and big cousin. I love being in the middle. It is the best of both worlds! =) I was super stoked to enjoy some good food and frozen yogurt!! I have to say, I am addicted to the chocolate cookie dough balls. YUM!

And finally... our tickets for three concerts came last week! eeeek! Toby Keith and Brantley Gilbert, Rascal Flatts and Little Big Town, and Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan. MARVELOUS!!!

Well, that really is all the MARVELOUS I have going on today!!
Head over to Marvelous Monday with Katie to see the other great posts for today!

Talk with you soon!! =)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

~*A is For*~

ABC Questions-

A is for Age- 22 and a half (on September 1st) ;-)
B is for Breakfast Today- Egg whites with bell peppers!
C is for currently craving- ALWAYS craving ice cream... always! =)
D is for dinner tonight- Although it sounds odd... Chicken in a Ziploc steamer bag, fresh peaches, and low sodium soy sauce
E is for favorite type of exercise- I love weight lifting especially on SHOULDERS day!
F is for an irrational fear- I am absolutely afraid of being separated from my family and/or Nick... and the Dec. 21, 2012 scare... until I saw the picture below... I think I'm ok now!
G is for gross food- Sadly, fish! I really wish I could stomach it because of the health benefits, but seafood grosses me out!
H is for Hometown- Rancho Cucamonga, California. Nothing too exciting here, really!
I is for something important- My family and Nicholas. I really don't know what I would do without my family!
J is for job- I am currently working in the property management world as an administrative assistant and going to school!!
K is for kids- None for a WHILE, but I will take 3 please when I am ready =) 1 boy, 2 girls
L is for LOVE- Nicholas is my LOVE!
M is for Motivation- My motivation comes from results, feeling better, and motivational quotes. I love to wear tees and tanks with motivational quotes to the gym.
N is for need- I really need a new car. We have been waiting until it is ABSOLUTELY necessary, but I am ready for a new car... I've been ready! =)
O is for obsession- I am obsessed with shoes, tea,, coffee, new clothes, dresses, rhinestones, glitter, pink, workout clothes, gym shoes, and leopard.
P is for products- My favorite products for the gym would have to be my Asics, IPod, and Femme Fitale gloves with rhinestones!!
Q is for quote- I love so many quotes! Just to make things fun I will say, "Country Girl SHAKE IT FOR ME!"-Luke Bryan ;-)
R is for random fact- I hated physical ed. in high school. In fact, I failed two semesters and ended up taking PE in my senior year of high school. Not only that, I never made it to 1st period on time... Look at me now 5:30AM workouts during the week! ;-)
S is for healthy snack- I love fruit and Chobani!
T is for thanks- Always give thanks to our troops fighting for our freedom! Past, present, and future!

U is for unique- I love anything with pink and/or glitter. It is like a fly being drawn to a bug catcher... I am drawn to pink sparkles!!
V is for vegetables- I love asparagus (hold your comments) and spinach!
W is for Workout- I love to do supersets and I focus on 1-2 muscle groups per day.
X is for XRays- I have only had one xray for a broken bone in my hand...and dental xrays! =)
Y is for yesterday- yesterday was Friday and well... I LOVE FRIDAYS!!!
Z is for time zone- Pacific Standard =)

Brought to You By The Letter...

Brought to you by the letter "S"... for Saturday! Sassy Saturday in fact! =) 
I posted yesterday and let you all know I would be posting about legs.

Legs... Hmmmmm... where to begin?
Well, I must say I used to spend countless hours each week training my legs in the gym. I would workout with a trainer and only focus on legs... workout alone and focus on legs some more.
Recently I have focused on trying to build a lean upper body and my legs kind of definitely took a back seat at the gym. I realized this when I found the picture below. There was a day when I was proud of my squats, lunges, and leg routine. I realized quickly I needed to get back in the game and create some new goals.
The squat rack at the gym is a little intimidating for me and I am only being honest with you. I really don't like people watching me when I workout and I feel like the squat rack is a magnet for eyes. Do you agree or am I crazy?

Well yesterday I decided to push all of my intimidation and fears aside... I will begin to train my legs twice a week focusing one day mainly on glutes and another on quads and calves. My workout will always include a visit to my friend, the SQUAT RACK!! I have set a goal for myself...
I want to squat 120 lbs.
To some this may not seem like a lot, but to me it is. I think 6 weeks time is fair maybe even four. I am going to revamp my leg workout and begin to share it with you all! I will begin to post more on my progress (body fat %, weight, workouts, etc.), too.

Do you have ANY fears in the gym or does anything intimidate you? How do you move past these things?
Here is one of my favorite post-workout shake combos!! Give it a shot. Sometimes I even freeze my Chobani so it keeps the smoothie cold. I would suggest doing this...especially if your strawberries aren't frozen!

Happy Saturday!!
If I am lucky I will be back later with a fun post for you all to check out!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Knock... Knock...

There really is no joke to this... I am just super excited it is Friday!
I have to say I have been waiting for this day all week and I can't wait to accomplish my MANY tasks for this weekend!
Not only is it Friday, but it is High Five Friday with Meg at A Dash of Meg. Yours truly has her very own high five listed on this week's HIGH FIVE FRIDAY post. Go check it out!!
I have to say it is really exciting to know HIGH FIVE FRIDAY is growing. Meg says in her post that she received the most HIGH FIVE FRIDAY submissions this week than ever before. I am excited to participate in what I think is such a great concept. We are always celebrating Friday... why not celebrate our accomplishments as well?! =) 
This week Chobani was on sale at Target for $1 each. Of course I stocked up for work and home. I have also found a new love... Vanilla Chocolate Chunk in the 16 oz container! I have yet to find it in the regular cup size, but I can make due with the 16 oz =) I am still working on having a Chobani giveaway and I apologize for not doing my giveaway yet... I promise I will!

I hit the gym for the first time in my Sweat Pink shirt from Fit Approach. It was sent to me after I found out I was chosen to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador and for whatever reason I kept forgetting to wear it. So here you are... me with my Sweat Pink tank!! Check out to purchase one for yourself!
I am posting this picture because I am really proud of myself! =) This is a gift I wrapped for a Baby Shower on Saturday. I am absolutely obsessed with it.. AND the things inside. Little girls clothing is addicting... it seems like just about everything is super cute!

I posted this picture this week on my Twitter. This is how I prepare for the gym.. I get everything together the night before - towel, shoes, shirt, socks, etc. I think it is a really good way to help prepare and get me motivated to go to the gym. Not only that, but it helps me get to the gym at a decent hour =) I don't know about you, but there are certain bottoms I feel comfortable in with certain tops or shoes etc. What are some of the things you do to get prepared to hit the gym?

Tomorrow should be a more interesting post with the topic of LEG and LEG WORKOUTS! You either love it or you hate it... I am not sure there is really an in between on this one! =)

I have been receiving feedback from you all and I appreciate it very much! Please keep the comments coming and don't forget to sign up for the automatic email feed by signing up to the right of my blog. You are more than welcome to email me (email on my contact me tab) or send me messages with Twitter! I love hearing from you!!

PS- Do you have an INSTAGRAM?? I have become addicted... @annar31

Talk with you soon!
Thank you for listening!