Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Missing In Action

I really have been missing in action.
I was set to really check in, write my thoughts and hold myself accountable to my blog every day.
I failed, but it isn't too late to start again. With school and work I found myself forgetting of my new goal, to write this blog.
I have created new goals for myself and most importantly on that list is to become inspirational to other people.
I have been following Kelsey Byers on Facebook. She is down to earth and so inspirational. When reading her posts I found myself dreaming bigger dreams for myself. My problem???... I never reach my goals or I only dream of things and self doubt sets in.
So, today... I found myself wondering, "How can I do this?"...
I want to be great, inspirational like Kelsey, and reach my dreams and goals.
I truly know the answer... write it down, set out to do it, and don't give up.
I think for this one I am going to utilize my planner and this blog to set my goals.
First goal, write more often... researching new and better things that will help me on my journey. I find myself lost in the inspiration, but not really learning anything new!
Second goal, bathing suit season... OF COURSE! Summer is just around the corner and I want to look great in a bathing suit. Perhaps I will reward myself with a new suit!!
Third goal, stick to my diet and work out plan so I am PROUD of myself and can set some new, challenging goals that help with my dreams.

I am only going to set three at a time in order to have a better grip on tracking my goals.
Here is the biggest challenge I have... Being embarrassed of my dreams and feeling as if people will not believe in me or take me seriously. This includes my blog, becoming a trainer, becoming a fitness model, or becoming anything remotely close to my favorite fitness models and athletes.
This is my biggest obstacle and perhaps the one thing that holds my back from accomplishing the rest of my goals and dreams.
This one I will need to ponder, but I will begin by writing down my goals and tracking my goals in my planner. Perhaps I will get the courage to ask one of these great fitness models if they had this same set back and how they overcame it.

Here we go... again!! :)
**After writing that I feel like NOW is the time to hold myself accountable**

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