Thursday, March 29, 2012

If You Fail to Plan...

All day I had this quote running through my head when I was thinking about how I would tackle my blog and homework tonight.
First was homework and I am proud to announce... I completed it tonight! :)
Today I made a promise I would begin to use my planner every single day! I would start with writing down my exercises, food choices, and plans for my goals. In addition, I decided each week I would set a new challenge for myself!
Here it is… the PLANNER! J

Today was triceps and shoulders. I have been hitting a new gym location and I must say… I GET SO MUCH MORE DONE! The gym isn’t as nice, but it isn’t as busy. I am able to get in more exercises when I am at the gym. I did not write down my exercises today, but I will begin tomorrow on that. (the planner goal developed throughout the day)
My diet was clean today, but I know I could have gotten better sources of protein today. Practice makes perfect!
I am now writing for my blog which was one of my goals also from yesterday! Each week when writing my blog I would like to include at least a new recipe, new research and a new challenge to accomplish. These are just a few of the many things I wish to write about, but I want to make a point to include variety!
My challenge for myself this week was to inquire from those who inspire ME! I am proud to say I did just that. I emailed my favorite Kelsey Byers to INQUIRE ;)
Her message response came within a half-hour of sending it and it gave me butterflies to read it. To be honest… I was so surprised. I asked Kelsey questions about overcoming unsupportive people, tackling it all with school and having the confidence to move forward with my dreams.
The greatest gift Kelsey gave me from her response was in this…
"Think about what you'll be giving up if you
 don't explore all of your opportunities.”
There it was… the time is going to pass no matter what and I might as well take all opportunities I can get!
I drafted my “Fan Page” on Facebook that I can use to inspire. It needs some work, but will be up soon!
Challenge accepted…. And completed!
I’ll set next week’s challenge on Saturday!  

I am so excited to begin this journey, grow and inspire others.
It was such a great feeling to read the response from someone that I look up to. With time I want to be that person… the person who inspires and gives others butterflies, encouragement and smiles.
Thanks for listening!

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