Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Music Monday-On a Tuesday =)

Nicholas surprised me with a mini-vacation trip this past weekend and well... I fell behind on my blog posts and just about everything else. Our Friday night drive to Laughlin, NV, weekend vaca, then our visit to the Hoover Dam Sunday put me behind on Monday night and I was unable to do my new Monday series...
Picture at the Hoover Dam, Boulder City
So here it is MUSIC MONDAY... on a Tuesday! =)
I love music in the gym. I recently posted a blog with a list of all of my favorite songs on my current IPod playlist. The post was a hit and I decided to post a weekly blog listing my new favorite songs for the gym... This will now be called MUSIC MONDAY!
I recently stumbled upon DJ Rolemodel and mixes he posts on ITunes. One of my favorite bloggers, Monika at Fit Foodies posted about DJ Rolemodel's music and I've been hooked since.
You can use the link here to download his mixes free! I love mixes and upbeat music for my workouts. The mixes are great for mornings in the gym for me and enough motivation to get me through the entire workout.
My favorite DJ Rolemodel mix right now is the May 2012 mix and the January 2012 mix.

I have been researching new recipes and finding new recipes on Pinterst (Follow Me).
I am very excited to start trying new recipes and sharing them with you all.
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Thank you for listening and being patient with me while I have been behind.


  1. I'm mobile Pinterest and can't follow you unless you follow me first. Melina Rowley Bunch...i really want to follow you on pinterest! I love your blog and facebook!

    1. Thank you, Melina!
      I followed you so hopefully that'll work for you on pinterest! Thank you, thank you for your support!!