Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekly Challenge... #1

I wrote in a previous blog about me setting weekly goals. I have decided to take it a step further and see if I can get you all to join me as well.
This week I have set the challenge (again) to
Drinking more water helps you reach your weight loss goals. I feel so much better overall when I do this and my skin looks 100% times better also. So see, there is a plus to drinking more water!

Meet my partner in crime for this goal... my Tervis Tumbler. He is at my desk all day and I fill him at least 5 times throughout the day. The Tervis cup is 24 ounces and a gallon is about 128 ounces. When you do the math ((Yes I did the math ;)) it is about 5.3 Tervis cups. Aim for 5 and a half by 4PM this entire week.
Looking for another helpful way to consume the gallon a day? Buy the gallon water bottles and take it with you. I pour mine in to my Tervis cup throughout the day. I even draw motivating pictures on the container. Yes, that's me with big guns on there! ;-)

No matter how you do it you can accomplish this goal. Write it in your planner. Use an expo marker and write it on your bathroom mirror or rear view mirror.
Do you know WHAT your goals are? Is it to lose 5 extra pounds before the Summer weather comes? Is it to completely eliminate junk food and sugars from your diet?
What holds you accountable and motivated? I know for me it is sharing my goals with people and finding motivation in others I look up to. I follow MANY of the fitness industry's best on Facebook. Find your favorites and look to them for motivation. We are all constantly browsing through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Following people that are motivating and post things dealing with your goals is a completely different kind of motivation.
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Fit From the Inside Out or on Instagram @anna0301. I am still new to Instagram, but I'm beginning to use it more! =)
I always love when people share their goals with me! There IS strength in numbers!

Thank you for listening!
I will check in with our weekly goal a little later this week!

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