Friday, August 3, 2012

Knock... Knock...

There really is no joke to this... I am just super excited it is Friday!
I have to say I have been waiting for this day all week and I can't wait to accomplish my MANY tasks for this weekend!
Not only is it Friday, but it is High Five Friday with Meg at A Dash of Meg. Yours truly has her very own high five listed on this week's HIGH FIVE FRIDAY post. Go check it out!!
I have to say it is really exciting to know HIGH FIVE FRIDAY is growing. Meg says in her post that she received the most HIGH FIVE FRIDAY submissions this week than ever before. I am excited to participate in what I think is such a great concept. We are always celebrating Friday... why not celebrate our accomplishments as well?! =) 
This week Chobani was on sale at Target for $1 each. Of course I stocked up for work and home. I have also found a new love... Vanilla Chocolate Chunk in the 16 oz container! I have yet to find it in the regular cup size, but I can make due with the 16 oz =) I am still working on having a Chobani giveaway and I apologize for not doing my giveaway yet... I promise I will!

I hit the gym for the first time in my Sweat Pink shirt from Fit Approach. It was sent to me after I found out I was chosen to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador and for whatever reason I kept forgetting to wear it. So here you are... me with my Sweat Pink tank!! Check out to purchase one for yourself!
I am posting this picture because I am really proud of myself! =) This is a gift I wrapped for a Baby Shower on Saturday. I am absolutely obsessed with it.. AND the things inside. Little girls clothing is addicting... it seems like just about everything is super cute!

I posted this picture this week on my Twitter. This is how I prepare for the gym.. I get everything together the night before - towel, shoes, shirt, socks, etc. I think it is a really good way to help prepare and get me motivated to go to the gym. Not only that, but it helps me get to the gym at a decent hour =) I don't know about you, but there are certain bottoms I feel comfortable in with certain tops or shoes etc. What are some of the things you do to get prepared to hit the gym?

Tomorrow should be a more interesting post with the topic of LEG and LEG WORKOUTS! You either love it or you hate it... I am not sure there is really an in between on this one! =)

I have been receiving feedback from you all and I appreciate it very much! Please keep the comments coming and don't forget to sign up for the automatic email feed by signing up to the right of my blog. You are more than welcome to email me (email on my contact me tab) or send me messages with Twitter! I love hearing from you!!

PS- Do you have an INSTAGRAM?? I have become addicted... @annar31

Talk with you soon!
Thank you for listening!


  1. I love your background on Twitter! So cute & so you!

  2. Thank you, Sable for always stopping by!! =)
    I am so happy you found me on Twitter!