Saturday, August 4, 2012

Brought to You By The Letter...

Brought to you by the letter "S"... for Saturday! Sassy Saturday in fact! =) 
I posted yesterday and let you all know I would be posting about legs.

Legs... Hmmmmm... where to begin?
Well, I must say I used to spend countless hours each week training my legs in the gym. I would workout with a trainer and only focus on legs... workout alone and focus on legs some more.
Recently I have focused on trying to build a lean upper body and my legs kind of definitely took a back seat at the gym. I realized this when I found the picture below. There was a day when I was proud of my squats, lunges, and leg routine. I realized quickly I needed to get back in the game and create some new goals.
The squat rack at the gym is a little intimidating for me and I am only being honest with you. I really don't like people watching me when I workout and I feel like the squat rack is a magnet for eyes. Do you agree or am I crazy?

Well yesterday I decided to push all of my intimidation and fears aside... I will begin to train my legs twice a week focusing one day mainly on glutes and another on quads and calves. My workout will always include a visit to my friend, the SQUAT RACK!! I have set a goal for myself...
I want to squat 120 lbs.
To some this may not seem like a lot, but to me it is. I think 6 weeks time is fair maybe even four. I am going to revamp my leg workout and begin to share it with you all! I will begin to post more on my progress (body fat %, weight, workouts, etc.), too.

Do you have ANY fears in the gym or does anything intimidate you? How do you move past these things?
Here is one of my favorite post-workout shake combos!! Give it a shot. Sometimes I even freeze my Chobani so it keeps the smoothie cold. I would suggest doing this...especially if your strawberries aren't frozen!

Happy Saturday!!
If I am lucky I will be back later with a fun post for you all to check out!!

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  1. wow sounds like a great post workout treat!! will def be putting this on my list to make:)