Sunday, August 12, 2012

Marvelous in My Monday

Hello there! Happy Monday!!
It is time for Marvelous in My Monday as hosted by Katie at The Healthy Diva! I announced the other day that I would be having a giveaway announcement shortly and well... you will have to stay tuned just a tad bit longer ;-) I promise it is well worth it and super easy to enter. Stay tuned.

Marvelous... always my Starbucks iced green tea! Also, I gave the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips a shot. I love them. I got some leopard strips for my camping trip next week. I used the pink glitter with skulls and cross bones this weekend. I love them. They are super easy to apply also.
A not so Marvelous. I posted this picture on Instagram (@annar31) for the Fitmixer Photo a Day August challenge... This is my workout location. I have to say, I used to LOVE La Fitness, but I can't say the same anymore. I have been on the hunt for a gym with better customer service and a friendly staff.

A relaxing Sunday. Nick had the evening off and we enjoyed the closing ceremonies of the Olympics with a drink... or two! =) I love this Angry Orchard Apple Cider. They have it at Target too... which is convenient. I know some of you will love that it is gluten free also.
This picture is of my MARVELOUS carbs! Yes, carbs!! I will be starting my carb cycle today and I am so excited. I am mainly looking forward to the results just before our camping trip. I will carb cycle with one day high carb, two days low, one high, and two low. I will take a before and after picture for you all to show the effectiveness.
Have you ever done a carb cycle? Were you happy with the results?

I hope you all have a Marvelous Monday! I will see you shortly for my GIVEAWAY post!!


  1. Sorry to hear about your unhappiness with LA Fitness. We have a ton of locations in our area too and I hear the same type of comments. Looks like it's a company epidemic that they should address!

    That apple cider sounds great! I've been on a hard cider kick lately so hopefully I can find some local to me.

    I have never carb cycled but I'm looking forward to hearing your results! :)

    1. Thanks, Maria! I can't wait to share my results.