Saturday, August 11, 2012

I Can See It...

I can see it... a giveaway in the near future! =)
Are you excited? I am!! I will be announcing my next giveaway within the next couple days. For a bonus entry comment below and let me know you will be standing by for the announcement! I love giveaways! I love giving away products I love!
We have a busy week ahead of us wit ha vacation beginning Saturday! I have been counting down for weeks. We are going camping!!!
We went to a Toby Keith concert last night! It was such a great concert!
I have to share with you all some of my favorite chicken. I take chicken tenders and use a Ziploc steamer bag to cook them. I put paprika and garlic powder in the steamer bag with the chicken before cooking. I use Frank's Red Hot Wing sauce (I measure one serving) and put it on the cooked chicken tenders. I use microwaveable brown rice (I use Costco brand, but I have seen it at Target in pouches near the rice) and there you have it... my favorite quick meal.
I really could eat wing sauce on everything, but the sodium in it is a little high.

I will be back shortly to share with you the details on my next giveaway. Until then, visit me on Twitter or Instagram (@annar31).

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  1. i'll be waiting! Toby Keith... So jealous!

    1. Hi Danielle! I love my followers!
      Tiny Keith was awesome & Brantley Gilbert was even better!