Thursday, April 5, 2012

Love. For. Food.

Happy Thursday!
Today I started using again.
I have used it before, but I customized my macro nutrient goals and set my own daily calorie intake this time. I think it has helped a lot. It excites me to aim toward realistic goals.
I am still doing research to make sure that I am setting my daily calorie intake goals the right way. I still want to lose body fat, but I don't want to jeopardize my hard earned muscles.
I ate like I normally do and I came in pretty close to my goals.
I had 154 calories that I still needed to take in (11g Carbs, 35g protein and over did the fat by 6g), but I am extremely happy with the way my day went.

Your Daily Goal1,93019343193
Remaining154 11 -6 35

Nick and I made (well mostly Nick) yummy tacos. We were craving Chronic Taco so we came up with the best way to make a "knock-off".
Those are whole wheat/yellow corn tortillas. After putting it in my the food tracker... I know there HAS to be a better alternative. I'll keep looking.
We used lean ground beef, fat-free cheese (just a little), fresh white onion, fresh tomato, and LOTS of cilantro... with a squeeze of lime. My favorites are lime and cilantro together. I think it adds so much flavor to food.
When you look at this photo it looks like there is a glob of sour cream on each taco... Do not fear!!! It is plain 0% fat Greek yogurt and tapatio. Plain Greek yogurt tastes exactly like sour cream to me. It was a great alternative. A little bit thicker, but yummy.
I got the idea for the "spicy sour cream" from
I love this blog. It has helped me so much with great recipes and motivation.
We loved this dinner. Next time I think we will try it on top of romaine lettuce rather than a tortilla.
My fitness goals and clean eating goals are really making me feel good about myself. I wrote my entire workout today in my phone (I plan to create an organized post of workouts I do) and tracked all of my food intake.
I feel great. I can't wait to wake up in the morning and get inspired by others and the gym! My goals are small at the moment, but I truly believe this is what I was missing before. I was setting goals that were too big and wasn't setting smaller goals in order to reach them. The big picture was harder to grasp and I would get discouraged and let down.

Tomorrow is Friday and I look forward to my final workouts of the week.
What goals have you set for the week? Are you reaching them... or are you putting them off 'til tomorrow?

Thank you for listening!

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