Monday, April 9, 2012


I decided to make Monday my rest day. I figured... I hate Monday as it is and the gym is ALWAYS packed on a Monday, so resting seemed like the best decision.
Last week I set the goal to go to a spin class and well my procrastination messed that goal up.
I added it to my challenge for this week along with "a gallon of water a day". Today I completed day #1! 6 more to go!
My spin class will be tomorrow morning and I will complete a fast bicep & back workout. I have been trying to write down all of my workouts, but I lose track.
I am actually dreading the spin class, but I think that is exactly why I failed to go last week.
This week I plan to find some new recipes to try. I love finding a healthy alternative to some of our favorite foods.
Like this last week...
I usually do my protein shakes in the blender, but the mess is such a pain to clean up.
This week I decided to try putting my pumpkin pie shake in the shaker cup and giving that a shot.
It worked and its my new favorite grab and go!

In my shaker cup I did-
1 scoop of vanilla protein
1 teaspoon (1serving) of No-Flavor Glutamine
2 tablespoons of raw pumpkin
(don't use pumpkin pie filling. make sure the only ingredient on the can is "pumpkin")
1 cup Almond Milk
All Spice & Nutmeg
(I don't measure these. Less than a teaspoon though)

I put the almond milk in first. I find that nothing clumps if the milk is first and I shake the cup really fast! (USE YOUR GUNS!) :-)
My second creation for a shake was done on Easter. 
I was craving one of the peanut butter eggs I put in Nick's Easter basket. ( I HAD TO!!! They are his favorite)
My alternative... chocolate protein, vanilla almond milk, protein, and peanut butter. It honestly was great and halted my craving for those sugar filled eggs.

I look forward to more recipes and more thoughts.
Wish me luck at spin class.

Thank you for listening!

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