Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Cup of Tea

It is Sunday and this is one of my FAVORITE days!
I love getting ready for the week. I grocery shop (usually) on Sunday and prep food for the week. My last post talked about Turkey Meatloaf Muffins. They don't last long in our home so I will be making more today! I plan to post my grocery list for you all soon too.
I started my morning by making a cup of green tea. This is part of my morning routine.
Tazo Teas- China Green Tips, Berryblossom White Tea, Zen, Green Ginger
Some of my favorite teas are from the Tazo Tea Company. The company has a sample pack that I originally picked up at Target. I sampled all of the different teas and found the ones I liked. I really like their black tea, Awake and their decaf Passion tea. The Passion Tea is great iced. Starbucks brews Tazo Teas for their tea drinks and I was first drawn to their Passion Iced Tea.
Tazo Tea Sample Pack
Green tea keeps me energized throughout the day. I drink it warm or iced depending on what my mood is. =)
Thank you for listening!

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