Friday, July 6, 2012

High Five Friday #3

It is FRIDAY again and that means HIGH FIVE FRIDAY with A Dash Of Meg!
I announced on Monday that I was chosen to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador! Check out my post from Tuesday, I Sweat Pink for more info on my new adventure! I've sent in my bio for the ambassadors page so hopefully that will be going up very soon!
HIGH FIVE to Jaren at Kiwi Fit Blog for being the winner of my first giveaway! I was super excited to mail her Good Earth tea and Larabar bars! I hope she loves them as much as I do.

I saw this picture on an Instagram post for the Healthy Diva's Photo a Day, Glitter. I am obsessed with it and I am now on a mission to find another one of the Starbucks Tumblers with a straw. I will keep you updated when I finally find one. I have one already, but I don't think I am ready to cover it in glitter just yet! ;-)

I ran across another fitness blogger, Jessie at Jessie loves to run! I love her blog that she is just starting! High five to Jessie. Starting a blog is exciting and so much fun! Head over to her blog and check it out!

Thank you all for following! TGIF!!
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  1. Thanks Anna :) And once again, I am so proud of you for becoming an Ambassador <3

    1. Thank you, Meg!
      You are very welcome!!

  2. Okay I know I already told you thank you, but thank you so much again for sharing my blog!!!

    Congrats on becoming an Ambassador as well. That's just awesome :)

    1. **Also, I just nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award :) Details on my blog!

    2. Thank you very much Jessie!!
      I am so excited for your nomination!
      I appreciate it.
      Do you have a Twitter?