Thursday, July 5, 2012

Monday or Thursday?

I went through my day today completely confused. With yesterday being 4th of July I had the day off. When I returned to work today it felt like Monday. Two Mondays this week... awful! =)
I am excited that I remember tomorrow is Friday... or I would have missed my opportunity to have my post included in A Dash of Meg's High Five Friday!
With the 4th on Wednesday and a Birthday to celebrate it has been a not so great week for healthy eating!
 Here are some pictures from the 4th with my beautiful Cousins and
with my love (he hates being serious)
I found this article on Body, Woman's Lean Sexy Bible! It is awesome. There are plenty of great videos and tips for women. I love that the article addresses the one reason why I think women avoid weights...
"I don't want to get bulky!"

 I also love this video from Natalie Jill on You Tube! She discusses the purpose of the different types of protein. This is something I really needed some help on, especially Casein protein. Click here to see the video that discusses the confusion of proteins!
My second favorite video from Natalie Jill is on Pre-workout! Pre-workout is as important as Post-workout. Click here to see this awesome short video!
Check out Natalie Jill's blog for more inspiration and great information!!

I am so excited tomorrow is Friday! I am ready for the weekend!
I came home today to some GORGEOUS roses from my LOVE!!

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