Sunday, July 1, 2012

~*Attitude of Gratitude*~

I've had my Facebook account for a couple of months, but I was discouraged with the changes Facebook made.
So... One month ago today I started my Twitter account. I am so happy I did!
I've met a few amazing people and I have had the opportunity to have over 100 followers on Twitter.
I am grateful you all visit my blog and follow me through social sites! I thank  you for your support and look forward to the journey with you!
Today I hit my favorite place, Sprouts Farmers Market ! Grocery shopping just might be more exciting than shopping for shoes... Just kidding!! ;-)
While I was there I was able to pick up my goodies for the Drink More Water Giveaway!
I wrote everyone's name on papers and chose a name!
I will announce the winner at the end of my post ;-)
I was on the hunt for Larabar, Uber bars and they were sold out of my favorite, Bananas Fosters. So, I grabbed what I could for my winner! =)
Good Earth Tea in White Tea Vanilla is my favorite. Of course I grabbed the Apple Turnover and Cherry Cobbler Uber bars too... I picked up my favorite Larabar too...Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip!!!
I was reading through the latest Clean Eating Magazine and stumbled upon a clean version of pork and beans. It is cooking now! I am going to let it cook slower than the recipe calls for though. =) If you haven't picked up a copy, you should!
I also picked up two new fitness magazines over the weekend. Although I haven't had much time to read them, but as always I will let you know what I find in them! =)
Did I mention...
Jaren at Kiwi Fit Blog is the winner of this week's giveaway! ;-)
Jaren please email me/direct message me and I can get your goodies mailed out!!

Thank you to all of those that entered! I appreciate your support!
Stay tuned this week for another announcement of a new GIVEAWAYS!!

Don't forget tomorrow is Marvelous in My Monday with the Healthy Diva, Katie!!

Thank you all for following along on my blog.
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  1. Thank you Anna! :) I'm so excited!

  2. Hi Anna! I just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog, your positive attitude, and the way you inspire readers. Stopping by to let you know that I did a write up about you at my blog. Keep up the great work!