Monday, June 25, 2012

Drink More Water *Giveaway*

Good morning all!!
Today is the day to announce my first giveaway featuring some of my favorite healthy finds!!
I posted back in May on drinking a gallon of water a day... to see the post click here!

Anyhooooo... Because I believe so much in the health benefits of water...I've decided to incorporate it in to this week's giveaway!
~*A gallon is about 128 ounces*~
The challenge is not to drink a gallon a day, but to drink water... period!
To enter...
follow me on Twitter and Facebook (post a comment telling me you did)
post a comment below with why you love water!

Receive extra entries for posting every time you finish a glass, bottle, Tervis Cup ;-), etc. of water...
If you post on Twitter or Instagram (@annar31), use the hash tag
*Don't forget to tag me in your post!
Each post will receive an additional entry in the challenge!

The giveaway...
on Sunday July 1st we will choose a winner.
The winner will get some of my favorites...
a box of Good Earth Tea
and some of my favorite Larabar Uber Bars.
I recently stumbled upon these and I am hooked.

I am excited for this first giveaway and excited to share some of my favorites with you!!

Let's get this party started... tell me...
Why do you LOVE water?!?


  1. Water with lemon is my favorite! Its refreshing, tasty, and calorie free! :)

    1. LOTS-O-LEMON! :) I love when people offer me lemons from their tree! Score!

  2. Congrats on the first giveaway! :)

  3. I already follow you on twitter (xokammie)

  4. I drink way too much water -- haha, jk, no such thing. I love water with lemon juice the most though it's delicious.

    1. Thanks Kamila! :) I love lemon in my water. Perfect summer drink! :)

  5. I loveeee water because when I drink lots of it, I feel energized and awesome, especially during the summer. When I forget to drink water, I definitely feel the difference (headaches!!)

  6. I now follow you on Twitter!! (molly_chase). LOVE your pic!

  7. I liked you on Facebook! I also already like Good Earth Tea and LaraBar because they are awesome :-)