Thursday, June 14, 2012

Drum Roll Please

I came home from a busy day at work today knowing I needed to sit down and work on some homework.

Well, I took a pit stop... on my favorite blog, Healthy Diva Eats.

If you've been following my blogs and Twitter you know I have been participating in Katie's Show Me Your {tea} challenge. Well, this week...DRUM ROLL PLEASE...

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.
I started by reading her latest blog, Diva <3 Approved which I absolutely love. On to the next blog I went and there it was #teatime winner and new tea... this week's winner... ME! I won a box of LARABARs!

Ironically, this past weekend I almost picked up a few on my own while I was grocery shopping. I am so EXCITED I will get to try them now!!

I wish Nick would wake up so I can tell him already! ;-)

I must share with you all... I was dreading homework after a long day at work. I needed this today to remind me that positive smiles and excitement can be anywhere.
Of course I am taking a longer break from homework than I had planned ;-) BUT I had to share my enthusiasm and thoughts with you all.

On the days you don't feel like waking up for the gym, don't feel 100% or feel like giving up on your Eat Clean lifestyle.. remember there is always something positive just around the corner... even if it hasn't showed up yet!

I am so thankful I won this week's Healthy Diva Eats challenge!

Friday is tomorrow and I think I will take the opportunity to share some of my Favorites for Friday!

To all my followers thank you for your continuous support. I follow people that inspire me daily and I hope that I can be an inspiration to others... even just one person would make me fulfilled. I cannot wait until I can start offering great prizes and challenges for all of my followers! I will have to start working on this for you all ;-)

My note for today...
Never underestimate your ability to change a moment, the day...week... or life of a person! I must say the fitness and health industry has some positive and inspirational people! I look forward to continuing my journey with you all!!

See you tomorrow!!


  1. I am SO happy that you are so excited!!!!! I love that feeling of winning a giveaway! I have won a couple here and there and it is always exciting!

    Happy Weekend girl!!! <3

    Thank you again for all the love and support!

  2. Followed a link from SaucyGirlCooks - lovely to meet you and congrats on the win!