Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Powermeal Challenge

As I have mentioned before I am participating in the June Powermeal A Day Challenge by PowerCakes and I have to say...
I love it!
The daily challenges are keeping me on my toes and making me think outside of the box. I went to Fresh and Easy yesterday and made sure I picked up plenty of green for today and blue for tomorrow.
My meals are more detailed... if that makes sense. What is usually a kale, strawberry smoothie was a GREEN machine today. At each meal I have been looking to add as much green as I can to my meal.

Kiwi. Alfalfa Sprouts. Avocado. Kale. Spinach.

Yes, I am hooked! Tomorrow is blue and Thursday is my favorite... Purple!
The more I go through this challenge I am finding I LOVE to find clean alternatives for meals and I LOVE the kitchen. 
This photo was taken this morning in our kitchen! ((I'm finding the photo editor makes my pics blurry on my blog))
I just think it is a great representation of our kitchen. Everything is red... red plates. red pans. red spatulas. I try my hardest to keep everything "clean" eats!
This was just my thought for the day and my take on the PowerCakes Challenge. It's not too late to start participating. Check out my blog from yesterday for the hyperlinks to her page.
Thank you all for your support, follows and shares!
I appreciate every one of you and I really hope I exceed your expectations on this FIT JOURNEY!
Fit From the Inside Out-The journey begins first with your heart and head. Believe in yourself and love others. Surround yourself with people that love you and who are positive on this journey. The rest will come... eat clean. train mean. & sleep sound.
Enjoy it. If you aren't enjoying your fitness journey... something needs to be changed!
Thank you!

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