Thursday, June 28, 2012

High Five Friday- #2

Happy Friday ALL!!
I am excited to participate in A Dash of Meg's weekly series, High Five Friday!
This week I began my first giveaway! Entries will be taken until Sunday... click HERE to enter! I am giving away my favorite Good Earth Tea and my favorite Larabars. What's not to love? It is simple... just follow my Twitter/Facebook and comment or send me a message.

Thanks to my drink more water challenge I've been getting plenty of h2o!!

My second high five is thanks to you all =) I passed 100 followers on my Twitter account in less than one month. I am so excited! Thank you to all my followers! Don't forget you can also follow me on Instagram (@annar31).
Thank you all for following me on my journey!
For more High Five Friday posts and celebrations check out A Dash of Meg's blog post!

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  1. you are seriously doing so amazing sweetheart :) I love your positivity and support <3 I LOVE YOUUUUU Thanks Anna :)