Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Hello my FABULOUS followers! I hope you are all doing well.
Happy Wednesday... half way through the work week!
I decided to post on some of my "wish list" items today and see if you guys had any feedback before I actually made the purchase =)
Nike Free Run
First on my list is this GORGEOUS pair of Nike Free Run is lime green. I have heard mixed opinions about Nike Frees. Some love them and some really don't care for them. I really like my Reebok Real Flex and these are a similar concept. I really love the color of these in person and I need a pair of green gym shoes in my life. Any thoughts??

Lululemon work out pants!
 Do any of you have any Lululemon gear? I really need some great quality, fade resistant workout clothes. I have the tops covered, but I want a few pairs of Lululemon crops and pants. What are your favorite Lululemon pants to wear?

I Work Out---Firedaughter Tee.
If you have read through my blog I have posted about my Firedaughter Clothing obsession!! This is the next tee on my wish list... I WORK OUT! Samya with Firedaughter  is awesome and I LOVE her tanks. They are super comfy in the gym and I love the fun sayings she has! I have a list of about 12-15 tanks and colors in my planner. I plan to purchase one at a time and cross them off! =) see... obsessed!

Heart rate monitor and calories burned counter.
I am looking for an affordable heart rate monitor and calories burned wrist watch. I have been doing my research, but haven't gotten too far. Do you use a heart rate monitor with a calories burned feature?
I am torn between the leopard, solid pink, or black with pink. I need have needed gloves though...BAD! The Femme Fitale gloves were listed as one of Jaime Eason's favorite things in her gym bag. Check out the article here!

Final on my wish list is GIVEAWAYS!!
I have been working on trying to get some giveaways for my FABULOUS FOLLOWERS!! I am still working on it, but if anyone has any tips... send them my way! =)

I am curious, what other items can you not live without on your fitness journey? Is there a specific product you love and have to have. Please let me know... I love trying new things!!
I will update you all if I manage to actually get anything off of my wish list! =)

Thank you for listening and following! I appreciate your support!


  1. I love the lululemon Urban Flow Pant! So comfortable (and they look great!!). I love their Scuba Hoodie too!

    I have the Nike Flex, which are similar to the Nike Free, and I live in them!! I have wide feet though, and they are a bit narrow, so it's nice to switch them out with my Reebok Zigs (which are wider) every once in a while.

    1. Awesome! Thank you so much for the feedback. I want to make sure I get an awesome pair of lululemon pants the first time around. I have a feeling it won't be a common purchase for me. ;-)