Thursday, June 21, 2012


I decided to write a post on finding time... for a healthy life.
I am currently a full time student and work full-time. I manage to hit the gym, eat six times a day, and eat clean on top of all of the crazy stuff around me. People often say...
"WOW! You must be tired!"
Well, I am, but I feel good at the same time.
I have managed to wake up at 5AM in order to hit the gym before work. Some days are tying but I absolutely know I have to do it. I hit the gym from 5:30-6:45AM and head home to make my second meal of the day! I get ready for work, but I make sure I am prepared.
I usually have three different meals while I am at work. I keep the work fridge pretty stocked each week with clean foods (Greek yogurt, fruit, salad, chicken, etc.). If I know I don't have it at work for the day... I bring it along with me.
I have a listing of times on my work wall... I will actually take a picture of it for you guys!
The times are when I need to eat. If I feel hungry before it's time... simple... I eat. The common practice of starving yourself only makes things worse by the way ... if your body is hungry... please eat!
I keep almonds, walnuts, tea, low sodium tuna, Greek yogurt and fruit all at work. Then I don't "accidentally" not eat.
I keep our house full of clean healthy foods. Lots of veggies, fruits, 100% whole wheat bread and tortillas. I love coconut milk and almond milk...and LOTS OF TEA!
I manage it all by being prepared. There is nothing worse than realizing I didn't prepare a clean meal when I need one on hand. Write it down!! I keep a running list of things to do, groceries to buy, things I want, etc. I keep the list in my phone or in my planner and it really does work. I even use it to keep track of things for school.
My point is... whatever your journey and whatever your goal ... you have to find a way to make it work and stay organized.
Staying healthy and fit doesn't come over-night... you really do have to work for it and PLAN for it.
If you really want something bad enough...
you'll make it happen...
if you don't want something bad enough...
you'll find an excuse.

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