Friday, June 1, 2012

Where Have You Been?

Where to even begin...
I haven't been working on my blog and posts as much as I would like to lately. Between school, work, and trying to stay sane it seems as though time has been getting away from me.
I PROMISE this week I will set my new Weekly Challenge, participate in What I Ate Wednesday and post more informative/inspiring blogs.
With that being said...
It is June 1st...we are now 6 months in to this year. How has your year been? Have you accomplished the resolutions or goals you set for yourself back at the start  of the year?
If not, now is a good time to reevaluate and start fresh. I know I have a few new goals to add to my list and a few that I need to start working on as I believe I may did slack on some. :-/
Perhaps I will set a new 6 month challenge! Post your new or current goals for me. I'd love to have some of your ideas inspire me to create some new goals to tackle.

I have created my new twitter account @fit_insideout and my Instagram @fit_inside out.
I haven't determined which one I will use more than the other, but I though with the new changes Facebook has been making I should start to research new sites to use.
I am LOVING the Healthy Diva Eats blog lately. I am still new to the blog and her Facebook page, but I am loving the various posts Katie does. My favorite blog is one of her latest with her June challenge. Katie sets her June challenge for use with her post Show Me Your {tea}. Go have a look-see and join in the challenge. She has great ways to use your Twitter and Instagram to participate in the challenge this month.
Head on over or let me know what you think of her page and posts.
Until later... I promise I won't take as long as I did this week to post new posts.
Head on over to my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook for daily posts.
I really love and appreciate all my followers and love seeing other posts on healthy lifestyles and fitness.

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