Monday, June 25, 2012

~*Marvelous in My Monday #4*~

Hey there my Fabulous Friends!!
It is Marvelous in My Monday... My favorite party in the blogging neighborhood! =)

My first MARVELOUS to post is my Drink More Water Challenge with a GIVEAWAY!! I am super excited. Click here to see how to enter... it's super simple!

My second MARVELOUS is that my Twitter is currently at 99 followers. 1 more to go until I hit the 100 mark. I know, I know... it may sound completely nerdy, but I am excited to see that number flip to 100. I love new followers and I love sharing my journey and thoughts with others!!

Snuck one of these Uber Larabars in Nick's lunch today with a sweet note! He texted me from work letting me know he loved it! Woo---SCORE! I love getting Nick's approval on healthy alternatives!! =) The Bananas Foster is currently my favorite... HMMMM? Giveaway prize?? ;-)
I am absolutely loving the Good Earth White Vanilla tea. It is my favorite indeed right now!! I am positive I am going to include this with prizes for the giveaway!!
I found some great blogs today via the Marvelous in My Monday post by The Healthy Diva! I will post a couple links below to some I checked out!!

I'd like to give a big Marvelous in My Monday thank you to all my followers!! Your support means the world to me and I love having new followers daily! The positive attitudes and thoughts behind all of my followers is fantastic MARVELOUS =)

I look forward to all of you entering in the Drink More Water Challenge!!!

*check out these MARVELOUS posts*
Kiwi Fit Blog is starting a new Cross-Fit program this week! Woo!
Miss Fit Britt has a great MIMM post about self esteem!
Anna with Love Mint Chocolate Chip is just full of positive, glowing energy! It really is contagious!
Katie with Goober Nuts Life is celebrating her first Marvelous in My Monday!!

There are many more you can check out here!

See you soon!


  1. Your sweet comment about me literally just made my entire day! :)

  2. Awe thank you for the shout out! :)

  3. Oh my gosh! Haha, I didn't see your shout out 'til now! (Monday after.. lol!)
    Thanks, lovely! :D