Monday, June 11, 2012

Marvelous in my Monday-#2

It's here again... MARVELOUS IN MY MONDAY!!!!!
Marvelous in my Monday is hosted by the Healthy Diva! I am OBSESSED with this blog and Katie's Twitter. She also hosts the Show Me Your {tea}challenge I am participating in this month.
Anyhooooo... here is what is MARVELOUS in my Monday!

Yes my friends... my best friend and love of my life is home again tonight!! He is working on dinner while I finish homework and finish my blog to you! Also, I go new peonies this weekend! They look gorgeous in their Mason jar vase. =)
Zen Tazo Tea for my #teatime12 challenge with the Healthy Diva! I love Tazo Teas. Last week I posted the picture below on my Twitter...

I am finding that my pictures aren't all that great from my phone... so I am going to try and start taking more pictures with my camera.
I have had more questions regarding workout plans. To be very honest I don't follow just one plan. So, I will tell you what I do on my own and then suggest to you what I know has worked for others. =)
1. Eat a clean diet!! I promise you, you cannot out train a bad diet. Clean eats not only help you accomplish your goals, but you feel so much better when you eat nutrients instead of crap junk food!
2. Work your butt off in the gym. Yes! I hit the gym 5-6 days per week and I really do work my butt off. No one ever gets results from sitting there and doing the minimum. Try a new spin class or group exercise class and DON'T be afraid to hit the weights. Many women think they will get big and "bulky". This is not true. I use weights to sculpt and mold my physique. Everything I want is on the other side of a hard, intense workout and I am constantly reminding myself of that.
3. Believe in yourself and kick the nay-sayers to the curb. If people are putting doubt in your mind about your health and fitness goals... it is probably coming from their own securities. "if people are trying to bring you's only because you are above them". Nothing irritates me more than someone who gives in to the negative people. Learn for yourself what is healthy and not healthy. Utilize blogs, follow your favorites on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and pick up a copy of Oxygen Magazine. I promise... you won't be disappointed.

Many people I follow have tried Jamie Eason's Live Fit Trainer-12 Week Program! It is a three phase program across three months. Jaime outlines an exercise program AND a meal program. Some of my favorite clean recipes come from Jamie Eason... so you have to check out those as well.

Wherever you start just remember...everyone starts somewhere. Set goals for yourself. Write them down. Share them with loved ones who are supportive. Most importantly, believe in yourself FIRST!

Please share with me what is MARVELOUS IN YOUR MONDAY!! I love to know that I have blog readers! =)
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Thank you all for listening!


  1. Thank God for Foodie Friends Friday....I'm so glad I have been introduced to you. I have started the Body By VI shakes but haven't seen any results. My clothes are just a little looser, but that's it. And I am 24 years older than you. What is your input on the shake craze? I love the way you talk about eating clean. That is one place I truly struggle (and exercise). I did buy myself a bicycle just yesterday and plan on adhering that into my everyday life. I will be spending lots of time at your blog. I hope you don't mind.....
    This is Angie at

    1. Hi Angie!
      I am so excited you have found my blog.
      As for the shake craze... I'd be careful of the sugar that is in most shakes. I love clean whole foods, but I consume a protein shake at least once a day simply because I am in a hurry. I get my protein from the Vitamin Shoppe. I look for a protein low in fat, sugar and sodium.
      If you are having a hard time with clean eating I would suggest Tosca Reno's Eat Clean series of books. She is an 50 year old + woman and I think she promotes a great, clean diet for any age.
      Find great bloggers on Twitter, Facebook and through blogs that post great recipes. Hopefully my What I Ate Wednesdays will help too! =) It is easier than we think to eat clean... we just have to have the tools!!
      I look forward to you following my blog and I hope I can inspire and help you!
      Thank you for your support!!