Saturday, June 16, 2012

Favorites for Friday *on Sunday*

My favorites for Friday was supposed to be on Friday,  but things just kept coming up. So here it is...
My Favorites For Friday... On Sunday!
Extra Root Beer Float gum. I love it! Its new and I hope it isn't limited edition! 

Justin's Nut Butter in chocolate  hazelnut. I'm just about addicted to this stuff. I found the individual packs at Target!

My new Hello Kitty shirt from Target. The entire back is pink lace & I love it. I really will wear this one to the gym!

Chobani Champions Vanilla Chocolate Chunk! Its so good. I had it on my waffles today with apricots & strawberries! 

Tomorrow is Marvelous in My Monday hosted by Healthy Diva Eats ! I hope you all participate. Head on over to her blog to link up your Marvelous Monday post!

See you tomorrow... Beauty Rest Time!

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