Friday, June 22, 2012

High Five Friday-#1

Good morning my BEAUTIFUL fit friends!
Meg with A Dash of Meg writes a weekly blog post to celebrate great accomplishments.
The series... High Five Friday!!
As I head out to work I want to take a moment to highlight Meg's amazing idea and posts.
Head on over today and check out High Five Friday. Meg has such a great idea and way of celebrating the great things we do each week.
I often think that we become to hard on ourselves (I AM THE WORST AT THIS) or we forget to celebrate how far we have come. We set goals and the accomplishments we do have often go unnoticed.
In this world of fitness and health it is easy to get discouraged or give up. Meg really has it right when she continues to post High Five Friday each week.
Please if you have a couple minutes, jump over to this week's High Five Friday! Reading through the posts this morning was inspiring and put a smile on my face. The accomplishments posted, big or small are truly remarkable.
What am I giving myself a high five for this week???
I had a great week of workouts and got up for the gym when I was supposed to. Even Nick thought it was great that I didn't wake him with my alarm by hitting snooze 10 times ;-).  
I ate clean all week and skipped the treats that came in to the office. I have found some great blogs and inspirational people to join forces with. I set some new goals for myself and even had a little Marvelous in My Monday!

If you had an accomplishment or moment that deserves a HIGH FIVE... PLEASE SHARE!!
A big THANK YOU to Meg for sharing her wonderful blog and the high five submissions for this week.
Believe in yourself...
Accomplishments...BIG or SMALL always deserve a high five!!!

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  1. Thank you so much for participating! THIS IS WONDERFUL!